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Requalification Project

Alameda Gabriel Environmental and Cultural Requalification Project, aims to achieve the following objectives:


  • Environmental Reorganization

  • eliminate aerial wiring in this stretch of the mall;

  • significantly increase the drainage area on the

  • significantly increase the number of native trees planted along the alamed;

  • to value Alameda landscaping

  • improve the standard of urban visual communication

  • help in reducing the "island" of heat in the city.



Cultural Requalification

  • meet the requirements and standards for an accessible environment (universal design and accessibility);

  • meet the requirements and standards of a safe environment, through the improvement of urban lighting and security systems;

  • improve the level of information to the user through visual communication;

  • improve the level of user comfort through urban furniture;

  • introduce works of art throughout the AG as a whole, with the participation of sculptors and artists.





R. Cônego Eugênio Leite,  433 Cj. 21

Jd. Paulista | São Paulo, SP

Tel: 11-3864-4056




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